Maikaya Development Foundation is all about improving the lives of people in the society through deliberate contribution to peaceful coexistence, enlightenment, support for education, health and economic empowerment for women and youth through love and kindness.


The ultimate objective of all of our development goals is to improve the quality of life of people and communities. Millions of people live in poverty and do not have access to quality health care, education and the many bare necessities of life. We have made it our purpose to alleviate the situation by helping the most vulnerable first and foremost. And then create development programs that favorably impact the components of quality of life, which are: improvements in incomes and livelihoods, ensuring access to health care services, education, water and sanitation and environmental sustainability.


When resources are scarce and at the same time unavailable to many, the saying "be your brother's keeper" cannot be realized. This is why we have decided to step in. We are positioned to use our resources which take the form of initiatives, donations, private and public sector lobby to reach out and show love to people. This is how we help them. We ensure that all our actions are premised on love because it is the value by which we function.


We cannot turn our eyes away from a child that should be in school but for school fees cannot. We cannot turn our eyes away from a woman that cannot access maternal care or a young person that is struggling with life under the grips of unemployment.

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We are a team of individuals, from diverse cultures and background but we share the same mission to improve lives through love and kindness. Are you passionate about our values? You can volunteer with us.


Through your generosity, we can improve lives and communities. Support us with your donation and touch someone's life and community.